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Partner with Bx

How can we serve each other?

Continue scrolling to see what it means to become a partner with Bridges International. We'd love to get to know you, add value, and maximize your business' reach.


Click the envelope to email us about a possible partnership.


Why join the partnership program?

  • Plan your project deadlines with peace of mind – Guaranteed amount of prioritized work each month.

  • Discounts – You get discounted rate compared to normal freelance fees.

  • Simplified Accounting – you pay a set amount each month for the duration of the retainer contract.

  • Less Paperwork – eliminate contracts to sign and multiple invoices to track on a per-project basis.

  • No Overhead – you get access to a team of professional designers without the overhead associated with an employee.

The partnership program is like a monthly retainer fee. It's perfect for those who know that they will need design services throughout the year and want to reserve a creative professional's time. 


Essentially, you are "pre-ordering" time versus a service. By doing so you're assisting in meeting the financial needs of Bridges International.

What type of services do you provide for Retainer programs?

  • Graphic Design - logos for new products/services, icons, and typography treatments

  • Print Materials - sell sheets, direct mailers, brochures, newsletters

  • Digital Materials - Social Media graphics, Blog Banners, and other web designs

  • Writing Services - Ad copy, press releases, white papers, songwriting, and other writing services

  • Web Updates & Maintenance - content, graphics, and web maintenance can be provided for select customers

  • Additional services are available upon request

How much does a retainer program cost?

Each business' needs (and budget) are so widely varied. So we customize services to fit you. But on average, this is the range of pricing for past clients based on their project needs to give you an idea…

  • Graphic Design Retainers - pricing usually ranges from $200-$1000 per month depending on scope of projects.

  • Writing Retainers - pricing usually ranges from $100-$1200 per month

  • Website Retainers - pricing usually starts at $300 per month for basic website updates and SEO modifications.

  • Retainers combining the above creative services are also available and quite common among my customers.


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