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Dorrian is an amazing young man! I only bring up his youth because it was absolutely amazing to see the amount of knowledge, passion and understanding that this man can bring to the table! His willingness to do ANY of our Lord's bidding was a true inspiration for all who were around (this had a HUGE impact on my 5 boys, as he stopped everything he was doing to accommodate a local man down on his luck to share the gospel and WASHED THIS MAN'S FEET!). Dorrian is a true blessing and I cannot express enough gratitude for having the chance to meet/speak with him, thank you for your time and may YAWEH continue to guide your path with blessings!

Jordan Bradley / Faith Baptist Church / Lincoln City, OR

The anointing on Dorian is undeniable. He is incredibly talented, yes, but more than that, he allows the spirit to flow through his words in a way that grabs the attention of those around him. When he performs, the spirit drops…the atmosphere changes. He gives all the glory to God and he is changing lives because of it.

Stephanie Porter / Pinecrest Church Of The Nazarene / White Salmon, WA

Dorrian is a natural performer who commands the room.

He has an amazing voice and has a great way with words.

Donovan Saint Cloud / Progressive Black Men Incorporated / Florida Atlantic University

I began working with Dorrian in 2015 after he participated in an open mic night. Since I first met Dorrian, his heart for the Lord has shone through. He is a raw and honest artist who operates with the utmost professionalism. I've called on Dorrian over the years to appear in many events I've run in the community. He never disappoints.

Agnes Palmer / God Belongs in my City St. Lucie

Dorrian invested to our community in a powerful way! His spoken words were honest, transparent, relatable, and anointed! He speaks powerful truths that break down walls of division. I would highly recommend his ministry!

Braden Phillips / Harvest Church / Baker City, OR

Dorrian gave an exciting and engaging performance at our Celebrating Black Florida event in February! Great performer and wonderful to work with, looking forward to future collaborations.

Gladys Ramirez / Norton Museum of Art

Dorrian is a motivated, passionate, humble and incredibly talented young man. Dorrian has exhibited dedication, reliability, punctuality, and excellent communication skills throughout our working relationship. I would not hesitate to work with Dorrian anytime again in the future.

Kimberly Reid / Roundtable of St.Lucie

Dorrian’s message comes through full of heart and soul direct from the spirit of God to uplift and exhort and call us to higher levels of love for others. After his performance I felt inspired and challenged.

Amy Metzler / Mountain Gospel Fellowship / Falls City, OR

Loved that testimony theatre was personal, engaging, & inspiring. Loved how each song came with an experience of how it originated. Definitely look forward to more of Dorrian’s testimonies, music, & shows & seeing it lead more people to know & love God.

Lisa Cobbs / Port St. Lucie, FL

Amazing!! Hard hitting, spirit shifting and appropriate for young adults. Absolutely adore this man. He's the real deal!!!

Arleshia Brown / Fort Pierce, FL

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