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Dorrian Bridges was born April 2nd, 1997 in Palatka, Florida, the middle child of six. Without his father in his life, his mother moved the family to the Treasure Coast of Florida. He suffered with schizophrenia since a child hearing voices telling him to hate god amongst other things. In high school, when his anxiety and mental health fell into its worse Dorrian was abusing marijuana and hallucinogens.


In the same season, he was going to church and down at the altar every Sunday, nothing made a difference in his life until the churches he attended closed. After the tugging of the Holy Spirit as his heart, it was then that Dorrian sought relationship with God for himself and started focusing on discipleship and growing in Christ.

Since then, Dorrian Bridges has became a nationally recognized speaker, performing artist, and two-time National Library of Poetry Publication recipient. Dorrian has gone on to share the gospel many places such as TBN Network, Hard Rock Cafe, Florida Atlantic University, and more.

Dorrian and his wife, Cindy, are the founding members of The Lindsay School of the Arts, a nonprofit performing and fine arts center providing Art, Drama, Dance, Poetry, and Music classes to over 250 students at no cost to students and families. Bridges has a heart for the lost and to share the love of Jesus through spoken word poetry and music. He now goes place to place letting people know that a relationship with Jesus is the key.



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I began working with Dorrian in 2015 after he participated in an open mic night. Since I first met Dorrian, his heart for the Lord has shone through. He is a raw and honest artist who operates with the utmost professionalism. I've called on Dorrian over the years to appear in many events I've run in the community. He never disappoints.

– Agnes Palmer, God Belongs in my City St. Lucie County