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Dorrian Bridges


Dorrian Bridges' story starts at the altar every Sunday at church then returning to the same routine of worldliness. Nothing made a difference in his life until the churches he attended closed back to back. It was then time for Dorrian to seek a relationship with God for himself.

Since then, Dorrian Bridges has been sent out to spread the gospel in Public Schools, Street Corners, Grand Stages, and anywhere the Lord leads. Bridges is a nationally recognized speaker and two-time National Library of Poetry Publication recipient.

Spoken Word Poetry, Hip Hop, Keynote Speaking

"As Founder of Bridges International, I want people to know it's not about me. Yes, my name is Bridges but I believe that points to how intentional God is.

That's all I'm trying to do.


Be the Bridge that will get people across to the Cross."

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I began working with Dorrian in 2015 after he participated in an open mic night. Since I first met Dorrian, his heart for the Lord has shone through. He is a raw and honest artist who operates with the utmost professionalism. I've called on Dorrian over the years to appear in many events I've run in the community. He never disappoints.

Agnes Palmer, God Belongs in my City St. Lucie County

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